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Dr. Roadmap offers Rx for traffic woes -- Miami Herald

Welcome to the Website of David Rizzo -- better know as DR. ROADMAP -- the public speaker who helps people learn to beat traffic and reduce commuting stress. His message comes as welcome relief for anyone who spends too much time driving in heavy traffic, as his pointers enable motorists to regain their time, life and sanity.

For meeting planners looking to book speakers, DR. ROADMAP offers his expertise for corporate meetings, trade shows, association meetings, conventions, seminars, and public gatherings. 

Helpful books
To find out more information about the guidebook that provides detailed explanations of how you can conquer the drive, check out "Survive the Drive! How to Beat Freeway Traffic in Southern California." This book is particularly helpful to long-time residents, as well as newcomers and visitors to Southern California who seek to conquer our congested freeway system.​

"Survive the Drive! How to Beat Freeway Traffic in Southern California" is available in electronic format for $1 USD at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other e-book retailers. 

 Also look for "Freeway Alternates."   This comprehensive guidebook maps out shortcuts to 101 cities and communities throughout Southern California, bypassing some of the most congested freeways in the world.

Public Speaker
As a subject expert, DR. ROADMAP is available for newspaper, magazine, radio and television interviews on the topics of “commute management, reducing driving stress, improving gas mileage (mpg), alternate routes, traffic congestion, ridesharing, and commuting behavior. DR. ROADMAP was last featured on “NBC Nightly News” discussing the CARMAGEDDON closure of the San Diego Freeway, and was a frequent guest on Bob McCormick’s popular “Money 101” program as heard on KFWB AM980.

To book Dr. Roadmap for a speaking engagement or media appearance regarding the topics of traffic commuters, carpool, or road rage, email DoctorRoadmap@Gmail.com

What the press has had to say about David, DR. ROADMAP, Rizzo's past efforts to help motorists survive the drive:
The key to Rizzo's reports is his knowledge that goes off the map.
-- Los Angeles Times

Does congestion trouble you?  If so, Dr. Roadmap has a few prescriptions for you.
-- St. Louis Post-Dispatch

...Dr. Roadmap helps listeners steer clear of tie-ups.
-- The Orange County Register

 He probably knows more about getting out of the Interstate Parking Lot than anybody else in the Inland Empire.
-- The Sun (San Bernardino County)

'Dr. Road Map' heals commuter blues.
-- The Press-Enterprise (Riverside County)

Traffic doctor has the cure for what ails you.
-- Antelope Valley Press

Dr. Roadmap can cure your commuting ills.
-- The Ventura County Star-Free Press

Doctor Roadmap cures Californian's traffic woes.
-- Las Vegas Review-Journal and Las Vegas Sun

“David Rizzo gets around and wants to help you do the same”
-- Daily News (Los Angeles)

David, DR. ROADMAP, Rizzo burst upon the traffic scene in late 1987 as the first person in Los Angeles to offer alternate routes to motorists who were sick and tired of being stuck in traffic. In 1990 he released the most comprehensive guide ever written of off-freeway commuting in Southern California. The following year he became the first traffic reporter to offer daily alternate routes in real time over the air on one of the most popular morning radio shows in Los Angeles. Dr. Roadmap continues to provide “commute management” solutions with the 2006 release of his book, "Survive the Drive!  How to Beat Freeway Traffic in Southern California," his numerous media appearances, and as one of the more popular public speakers on the topic of driving stress.


DR. ROADMAP has been a trademark of David Rizzo since 1987, and was first registered with the US PTO in 1992.